The PLAAK Core is the first of it’s kind. Utilizing the power of Blockchain and world leading digital security, The PLAAK Core will transform people’s everyday devices into a potent service and business appliance. It offers a rich set of features and combines ease of access with ease of use for a greater experience.


Complete Cold Storage for Crypto Currency, with secure encryption and Safety. Cold wallet is equipped with Multiple Authentication and 2FA in action. Allow to authenticate with biometrics Authentication, Retina scan, and Private Key encryption with multiple words Passphrase.


A secure all-in-one identity login app enabling access to the PLAAK ecosystem. Core Featues are as Cutting Edge Biometrics, Electronic KYC, Cold HardWallet Integrations, Phaeton Blockchain Integrations and many More. Download App Now.

  • Intelligent Features

    HYPR Authentication

    The PLAAK Core has incorporated HYPR® biometric authentication with fingerprint, retina and facial scans as well as voice recognitionfor users to gain access to their accounts.

    HYPR® is the choice of renowned mobile and computing technology manufacturers for high-end products and solutions. Resorting to a provider for companies in the digital age, a world without passwords and enhanced security is what makes our App secure to the Core.